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Attack on teachers is a constant news topic

Duncan and Holder, D.O.E. visit Washington, D.C. schools
Duncan and Holder, D.O.E. visit Washington, D.C. schools
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

It seems that teachers are not only in the news, but also in the media outlets, and that includes movies and a few on television. Recently, there is a new series called, Bad Teacher, which will hit the television screens in late April. It's a prime time spot and possibly watched by parents, children and those interested parties that need a good laugh, and that surely isn't a way a real teacher performs. The series may be a take-off from the movie of the same name, and many scenarios depicted the teachers in a negative approach in education.

There has been a battle of wits between privatization versus public school education and all the options in homeschooling, charter schools, and parochial schools. That dilemma is not only a foray for funding, but also teacher evaluation, testing and budget cuts. It appears teachers are on the hot seat and the true facts and perceptions of what is really happening to America's school system.

Public schools have been under the auspices of harmful policies and devious information about accountability and opinions from private groups trying to use corporate funds to destroy the public school system. The National Education Association (NEA) is hard at work to dispel rumors and lies about the teaching profession and guides a new path and understanding for parents, school boards and community.

One of the biggest challenges for education is procuring the necessary funds and that includes making preparations to keep the best teachers, fix outdated buildings and due to budget cuts; the need to adjust to the large class sizes, which makes teachers think about remaining in the field of education. This may mean that the best teachers won't be available to direct the future of America's schools in the right direction.

Around the nation, teachers are showing support for education to legislators with the hope there will be a priority for more funding. In between this entire fracas between public and private sectors, the main ingredient is the student and what can be done to give the students a chance to be successful. The attack on teachers and education isn't a viable answer, but a willingness to find ways to remedy the problem, and keeps the students first.