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Attack and defend with Hog Wild Atomic Shield Popper

Hog Wild Atomic Shield Popper
Hog Wild Atomic Shield Popper
Hog Wild

Is there an invader in your backyard? Can you protect you castle from the dangerous foes? Grab you Hog Wild Atomic Shield Popper and defend your area.

The Hog Wild Atomic Shield Popper is the ultimate attack and defend outdoor toy. The foam ball blaster has a gravity fed auto load feature. It comes with six soft foam balls. Shooting up to 40 feet, these foam balls can keep the enemy at bay. The built in shield helps to deflect enemy attacks while launching balls at the enemy.

Outdoor play can be a great time for kids to express their creativity with the Hog Wild Atomic Shield Popper. Even though the kids enjoy the fight and defend aspect, encourage them to think about the scientific principles behind the toy. From discussion about gravity to projection, this attack and defend toy can be more than just a fun game. Other ideas could be a discussion on historical battles and tactical decisions.

The Hog Wild Shield Popper can be purchased at a variety of retailers. The estimated retail price is $19.99.