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Attachment Parenting in the Modern World

We live in a stressful world. Every day brings us troubling news about police brutality, civil unrest and violence. How do we prevent it and can we in the first place?

We know how to deal with stress. A long walk, a talk with a friend and a board game calm us down and stabilize the heart rate. Prolonged time in front of the computer, on the contrary, brings unrest and bad mood. In this contrast lies the answer: we need to get back to our roots. It seems like a tall order, but in reality a series of small steps will go a long way towards that goal. Let's have respect for each other and attend to our children. We need to recognize that babies long for contact. Infants want it for the most part of the day. This simple reality is recognized in many countries, such as Japan and Italy. Parents there cannot answer the question how frequently their baby is waking up, because they co-sleep and simply don't keep track of the child's sleeping pattern. Some children remain in their parents' bed until adolescence. Fulfilling this desire is the deepest form of respect that parents can give to their children. If we want our children to have respect for us, we should give it to them first. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as they say.

When children are growing up, family is their world, their microcosm. They learn all the essential information about how to be in the adult world once they are ready to transition to it. If they respect and trust their parents, they will do the same to their friends, students in the classroom, teachers and everyone else.

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