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Attachment Parenting friendly day care facitilites in Fayette and Coweta County

Day Care
Day Care
Laura Reeder

Trying to find a suitable daycare for your child can be a stressful time. Not only do have to think about money, and convenience, but also the style of the facility. For parents who follow the attachment parenting philosophy (AP) this can actually be harder. The reason is that the ideal day care would need a low child to teacher ratio, flexibility in how the child is taught and disciplined in the facility, and good communication with the parents as to their child’s progress. These are concerns for most parents, but daycares traditionally are where the teacher is more like a supervisor.

Fortunately this is becoming less true with today’s child care facilities. This may have a lot to do with studies showing how important the toddler years are in development for learning. It still may be hard to find a school that fits with your ideas. AP parents tend to prefer child-led learning. This is where the teacher or parent follows the child’s curiosities and interests for learning versus a traditional lesson plan. This style is generally in sync with the Montessori approach. However, it is not started usually until the child is around 4 (some as early as 3).

In our area however, many facilities have adopted a blend of the traditional lesson plan teaching and Montessori teaching. They also have low child to teacher ratios, which is an added bonus. My favorites in Fayette and Coweta County that accept children of all ages are Primrose, Royal Learner’s, Peachtree City Montessori School and the Goddard School.

Here are some helpful tools in selecting a day care that is right for you and your child. When interviewing potential schools, find out their teaching philosophies to see if it matches with your ideas. During the interview process, visit the school with and without your child and see how the teacher interacts with your child and others. Find out the school’s child to teacher ratio, and see if it matches when you do a class visit. Make sure you are comfortable with the school and the teacher your child will have before choosing a school for your child.