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Atrocious Fantasy Football Leagues, which you can still join

Ever kissed a girl?
Ever kissed a girl?
ESPN Fantasy Football

Every worthwhile sports website now has a forum for running fantasy leagues. ESPN, Yahoo and CBS are naturally the best. You may join a private league with people you know, and that's what you should do. You may also, if you have a penchant for the more interesting and unpredictable, join a public league comprised of complete strangers. Like everything wide open to the anonymous populace, public leagues attract some colorful individuals. With little (read no) supervision of the leagues, there are some notable standouts.

Here's a sampling. The good (read dubious) news, they're all still open:

"Your Mom's Box": drafts tomorrow, but has surprisingly only filled 2 of 12 available slots. Better hurry.

"grab my tube 1": is infantile, though harmless enough. What stands out here is the addition of the 1 to the name, as though 'grab my tube' on it's own was already taken. Two teams already signed up in this league are "ShowMeYourTDs" and the "Kaotic Panda Bears". Sounds like a fun, diverse group.

"You all Suck Really Bad": has potential. Sounds like it leans toward being rather a competitive league, and you can be sure of some trash talking; at least from the commissioner.

"Between DA Lines": is not an appallingly titled league. What's noteworthy here is how only one of fourteen spots is filled, while the commissioner's note states, "Long tenure league need more players time 4 some football ; ]". It is honorable, I guess, that despite losing every other team, the commish is going to keep the league together.

"Douchetastic": comes rather close to running afoul of Yahoo's indecency statute. Despite the commissioner's note, which instructs observers to "Belicheck yo self," this league too is completely empty.

"Brosky Slut": our banner league. Only one spot remains unclaimed, and if you hurry, you can garnish your fantasy season with the witty banter of '#1 bitch' and the boys. "Go hard or go home," is their team motto, but you probably already knew that.

"Ray Rice's Elevator Ride": tops our list for pure offensiveness. That's an accomplishment since the league name doesn't reference a penis in any way. The commissioner has much larger issues, deserves his clear and current scarcity of friends, and we shall not provide a link to any league making light of domestic violence. Jerk.

Follow the San Diego Fantasy Football Examiner's indispensable snark all year long, or at least until he bashes your favorite team.

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