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Atreyu at Rocketown

Atreyu, Drive A, and Destroy Destroy Destroy at Rocketown
Atreyu, Drive A, and Destroy Destroy Destroy at Rocketown
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Sunday night, February 21, Atreyu will be playing at Rocketown. Joining them are Drive A and Destroy Destroy Destroy. Tickets are $15, available by clicking here, and doors open at 6PM. This is the first night that Atreyu is headlining for the tour, so you better be amped up!

Atreyu released their latest album, Congregation of the Damned, in October on Hollywood Records. Off of that album, they've released two singles, "Storm to Pass" and "Lonely." The album made it to #18 on the Billboard 200 and sold 27,400 copies in its first week of being released.

"I'd say that this album is a mix of everything we've ever done. For every song that's more melodic or rock-driven there's a total shitkicker, and I think that's what makes us a well-rounded band." -- Alex Varkatzas (lead singer)

Below is the music video for "Storm to Pass":

Drive A is from LA, California and have been together since 2006. They released their debut album, Loss of Desire, in May of 2009. The album features 12 tracks and was released through Adrenaline/Dead Conflict Records.

“The songs on this album are about being frustrated with a lot of things, most of the lyrics I write are personal, but I think anyone listening can relate to them in their own way. I leave it up to them to interpret what they are hearing.” -- Bruno Mascolo (lead singer)

Here is their music video for "Are You Blind?":

And, Destroy Destroy Destroy, from Murfreesboro. Destroy Destroy Destroy developed in 2003 and have independently released 2 EPs and two full-length album, Devour the Power and Battle Sluts, through Black Market Activities.

They've shared the stage with names such as Exodus, Every Time I Die, The Red Chord, Mastodon, and many more. Their sound ranges from 80's metal to today.

"Battle Sluts, like other symphonic black metal discs, was not recorded with black metal purists in mind; Destroy Destroy Destroy aren't pretending to be Gorgoroth or Marduk, and melody is a high priority throughout this Viking-themed outing." -- Alex Henderson (AllMusic writer) on Battle Sluts

Below is "Realm of Ancient Shadows" off of Battle Sluts:

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