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Atomic wedgie murder: Man kills stepfather pulling atomic wedgie during fight

Atomic wedgie used to kill an Oklahoma man and stepson charged with murder.
Atomic wedgie used to kill an Oklahoma man and stepson charged with murder.
Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office

Atomic wedgie murder is a bizarre headline describing what a 33-year-old Oklahoma City man did to his stepfather. The atomic wedgie is when the underwear is pulled up and over a person’s head, according to CBS News on Jan. 8.

A 58-year-old Oklahoma man, Denver St. Clair, died of “asphyxiation” from his underwear obstructing his breathing. Blunt force trauma was also listed as a contributor to his death in the medical examiner’s report. The report stated that there were also ligature marks on his neck from the elastic band of the underwear.

Charged in this murder is St. Clair’s stepson, Brad Lee Davis. This atomic wedgie happened during a fight while the two men were drinking. It seems St. Clair made a disparaging remark about his wife, who also happens to be Davis’s mother. This started the fight at St. Clair’s home on Dec. 21 and it ended with the death St. Clair after the atomic wedgie.

Authorities said that the elastic waistband on St. Clair’s underwear was stretched over his head so tightly that it left ligature marks around his neck. The police noted some blood spatter was found in the kitchen and living room, including the ceiling in the living room.

Davis was not granted any bond and he’s being held in Pottawatomie County jail.