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Atmosphere and more at Alto Cucina

Enjoy the ambiance at Alto Cucina with a great glass wine.
Enjoy the ambiance at Alto Cucina with a great glass wine.
Photo by: Yashima/flickr

Atmosphere can make or break a dining experience. When you find the best of both, in the same location, it is a recipe for delicious success.

Alto Cucina is located on the deep west side of Erie, past Peninsula Drive. But, the location alone is not what makes this destination so special. After traveling down the long narrow driveway, the restaurant is nestled on a scenic wooded lot, housed by the old Aviation Club. Whether seated near the towering bookcases within the vintage estate, or the charming fireplace, the visual is sure to please.

The menu is a fantastic compliment to the scenery. Be sure to listen closely to the specials. Chef Rodgers never disappoints with his creativity and use of “never to be seen in a chain restaurant” ingredients. Duck is an element that he uses and when an entrée option, (try rolling duck sausage stuffed in a banana pepper over your taste-buds) it is an essential add to the meal. Other winning choices include the ahi tuna, prepared rare and for a small plate, the crab cakes are the top of the list.
Be sure to embrace the wine selection.

At Alto, the wine is just as important as the meal, and although dinner can run upwards of $100 for a couple, adding $60 minimum for a bottle of wine is essential. Ask Tony in the bar for his suggestions and order by the bottle to heighten the flavor in every bite.

For more info: Alto Cucina 3531 West Lake Road 814.835.3900
Tues-Sat 4pm-11pm
Reservations requested


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