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Atmosphere in a BBQ restaurant: T-Bones; Cokers; and Red, Hot & Blue in Arlington TX

Re, Hot & Blue bbq restaurant has a nice building and good barbecue too
Re, Hot & Blue bbq restaurant has a nice building and good barbecue too
Veronica Hobson

Is an ancient building, with sawdust on the floor, grime covered windows, and no chairs, the only place to get good barbecue? What constitutes good atmosphere in a barbeque restaurant? Three bbq restaurants in Arlington TX illustrate different kinds of dining atmosphere.

T-Bones: small and personal
T-Bones Mississippi Style BBQ resembles the traditional barbecue location. The restaurant resides in a small shop in the back corner of a strip shopping center. The intimate feel is reinforced by the cooking which is all done by the owner, Terry Coleman.

Red, Hot & Blue: music and service
If T-Bones is small town, Red, Hot & Blue is big city. A hostess, individual tables, and wait staff all distinguish Red, Hot & Blue as different from the traditional, casual bbq joint. Red, Hot & Blue features the blues music and memorabilia of Memphis, the capital of barbecue and blues.

Cokers: nostalgia and family
Cokers exudes nostalgia with their abundance of Coca Cola memorabilia. A 1950s Coke machine, vintage Coke bottles, and an antique soda fountain, all combine to remind the customer of restaurants of yesteryear. Cokers’s father-daughter team who work as cook and manager are a throwback to old time mom and pop diners.

A dilapidated building may be a sign that a bbq restaurant invests their efforts in the food and not the furniture, but three Arlington TX restaurants prove a restaurant can serve quality barbecue and look good too.

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