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Atmosphere in a BBQ restaurant part 2: Loco Coyote in Glen Rose TX and Spring Creek in Arlington TX

Is this the optimum location for a good bbq restaurant?
Is this the optimum location for a good bbq restaurant?
Sylvain Lienard/Photoxpress


  • AJ 6 years ago

    Actually at Loco Coyote, it was the original Hammond's BBQ started by the owners father in 1965. The building is a historic landmark. It was moved to town in 86 then sold in 97. The owner opened this back up and put in his fathers bbq again in the original building in memory of his father that passed away. The business is not from the decor or even service, it's the name HAMMOND that draws the crowds. The flavor and not to mention the VALUE. You leave full and then some. You were lucky with your 20 minute wait. In the summer, a table can go for 3 hours. I guess it's how you look at it. Someone like you that can't stand to wait should not eat there. I do believe that there is a huge sign that says, if you are in a hurry you are in the wrong place.

    Know you know a little more about the place

    Thank You!

  • bbq hound 6 years ago

    i feel sorry for you people in the city because you dont know what living is. when you go to the loco coyote not only are you getting best food in the world you think you are in the hill the writer of this story if you are in such a big ass hurry stay the hell in that concrete asphalt infested place you call home and go to 7 11 and get you a hotdog. but you probaly would have something to bitch about there too. bbq hound out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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