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ATM Surcharge 101: Where do I find a surcharge free ATM in Hartford?


Many folks are watching their nickels and dimes closely nowadays and one way to save a few bucks each month is to pay attention to whether or not your financial institution is part of a surcharge free ATM group.

First let me define surcharge. An ATM surcharge is the fee charged by the bank who's ATM you are using, not the fee charged by your own bank. The fee charged by your financial institution for using another bank's ATM is called a service charge.

The first thing you need to know is if your financial institution participates. Flip over your ATM or debit card. Do you see a logo for "SUM", "MoneyPass" or "Allpoint"? Those are the most popular surcharge groups in the Northeast.

Once you identify the group your institution participates in, you use the ATM locator for the appropriate network, which I've linked here for your convenience:


For more info: To learn how to avoid service charges and surcharges, read my recent article on rewards checking programs.


  • Sharon 5 years ago

    TdBanknorth in CT you can use your atm anywhere and at the end of the month they reverse the fees for you and you get whatever extra fees you paid back..which is very nice..i wish they had that back in MA. but thats ok..

    Nice work