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Maine broken ATM spits out $37,000: Man exploits cash malfunction 53 times

ATM machine spits out $37,000 as homeless man takes advantage of cash advance malfunction.
ATM machine spits out $37,000 as homeless man takes advantage of cash advance malfunction.

An ATM machine dished out $37,000 to a homeless man thinking this was his day for a windfall, considering all he had in his bank account was $100. This malfunction allowed this man to take out $37,000 in increments of $700 at a time, according to The Inquisitr on April 5.

The extra money that the ATM seemed to award this man was too much to carry in his pockets, so he was stuffing the money into a shopping bag. He may have gotten away with the money if it wasn’t for an observant woman who called police to say that the man was spending way too long at the ATM machine.

Apparently she was waiting to use the machine as this man seemingly was emptying it out. The ATM machine at the TD Bank Branch in South Portland, Maine appeared it was willing to make this man more financially well off than when he first stepped up to the machine.

Lt. Todd Bernard of South Portland said that the man repeatedly requested $700 from the ATM’s cash advance feature even though he only had $100 in his account. The ATM honored all 53 of his requests for the $700 amount.

This cash-advance feature is for the bank customers who have been pre-approved for borrowing this money from the bank. A code error somehow allowed this man to instantly turn into one of the bank’s borrowers.

What the man did was illegal said Lt. Bernard of the South Portland Police. He was taking money that didn’t belong to him and money that he wasn’t approved to borrow. The case is under investigation and the ATM is out of commission for the time being until it is checked out to see just what happened to allow this homeless guy a short lived windfall.

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