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Atlantic herring catch quota reduced in most areas for 2014

The Atlantic herring catch limits for 2014 were just adjusted by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). On Wednesday, March 19, NMFS announced it is decreasing three limits and increasing one to compensate for overharvests and underharvests in 2012. The changes take effect immediately and last through the end of the year.

NMFS rules allow for up to 10 percent of an underharvest to be carried over to a subsequent year. The agency determined what the final 2012 catch was last August, so it is making the adjustments for this year.

Overall, the harvest was below the 90,683 mt quota by 122 mt. But because of area variances, it is reducing the overall harvest for 2014 by 477 mt. NMFS is adopting what it originally proposed with no changes.

The quota for the year will be slightly decreased everywhere except in the inshore area of the Gulf of Maine, where the underharvest was about 12 percent. It goes down everywhere else from Maine to North Carolina.

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