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Atlantic City serial murders may link to three new Gilgo Beach corpses

As information about three new corpses found on Gilgo Beach, Long Island today reached southern New Jersey, local residents are left wondering if the killer of four Atlantic City prostitutes is tied to the case up north due to the similar pattern of murder and dumping.

The number of dead found on Gilgo Beach has mounted to eight. Each time the Suffolk County Police conduct a search, more bodies turn up.

The three corpses found today have not been identified as murder victims yet, but their bodies were found in close proximity to the other five murder victims, according to police.

The area where the eight bodies were found is eerily similar to the location where four Atlantic City prostitutes’ bodies were recovered in December 2006 at the Jersey shore.

The Atlantic City women suffered ligature strangulation. Their shoes were removed and they were placed close together off of a highway in the tall reeds in a drainage ditch facing Atlantic City. Forensic toxicology reports show excessive amounts of drugs or alcohol in at least one of the bodies. The other bodies suffered severe decomposition.

The bodies of the murdered Atlantic City women had been killed within a month of each other, according to the Atlantic County Medical Examiner. A man hunt began, including information culled from working girls on Pacific Avenue in the city. Despite numerous tips, their killer remains unknown and at large.

Four bodies recovered in December 2010 at Gilgo Beach, were all prostitutes. They advertised on Craigslist and apparently met their customers on Long Island where they were murdered and later dumped along a highway in the beach underbrush. Some of the bodies could have been dumped as long as two years ago, according to police.

Atlantic County Prosecutor Ted Housel said he would not speak about any connection to the murders in New York; however an Atlantic County task force assembled in 2006 has been in contact with authorities from Suffolk County. Housel is withholding comment about their investigation.

The one glaring difference between the bodies found in New York and those found in New Jersey is the manner of dumping. In New Jersey the bodies were just dumped in the drainage ditch. In New York the bodies were found in burlap sacks.


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