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Atlanta women bring home the bacon, are men more likely to cheat?

Guilty man
Guilty man
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When it comes to entrepreneurial promise, Atlanta is a great city to achieve this. Specifically for women, they tend to do very well here, business wise. Nowadays, women work for many reasons. They do so to help out the family, to pursue a dream and because they are single and have to, plain and simple. In the meantime, women are starting to earn more and more. Not necessarily in the corporate business world, but certainly when it comes to their own businesses.

Here in Atlanta, women are rocking and rolling when it comes to business. The rate of women entrepreneurs grows daily. Suddenly, the women are bringing home the bacon. They are out earning their men and now have real say and real power in their relationships. This is a real game changer, because in the south the man has traditionally been the chief earner. So, how are the men coping with this new advent? More and more reports of men cheating on their mates are surfacing. When you have a closer look at the dynamics you will not be surprised to find that in the case of these particular cheating reports, the women are indeed earning more. If the woman is the sole earner, some reports say the men are five times more likely to cheat.

Can it really be that men are cheating because of a lesser income bracket? Well, yes and no. One of the criteria men use to define their manhood is their ability to take care of their significant other. So, making less can very well make them unhappy and this could be the reason for cheating. It should also be noted that men cheat if they make a lot more too. According to this article the sweet spot is when women make 75% of the man’s salary.

In the black community, quite a few of the women make more than their mate. They have higher positioned jobs and are holding down their own businesses, everything from owning a salon to running PR firms. At any given time while sitting in the hair salon, it is not unusual to hear them lament on how their men are “messing around.”

Yes, men still do view being a good provider as something manly and this is still tied to their psyche. However, more and more men are accepting the redefined roles in the traditional family unit and adjusting as needed. As with everything, change takes time and can be hard, but one thing we would be wise to accept is change is inevitable!

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