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Atlanta Under Siege

Siege of Atlanta
Siege of Atlanta

No, I do not speak of the phalanx of Obamacare, corporate tax rates and draconian environmental regulation ramparts that Democrats have erected since 2009 to kill jobs and middle class wealth creation across the non-fracking, non-Obama-cronies' Fruited Plain.

Rather, I refer to the mid-point of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman's 40-day siege of the Confederacy's vital railroad hub, 150 years ago this month. Atlanta newspaper headlines and partial story from the fortified city formerly known as "Terminus" and "Marthasville" on July 24, 1864:

Hood Triggers Atlanta Battles; Stalemate Results.

City Now Besieged; The Dead Cover Two Sections.

Outnumbered Confederates under Gen. J.B. Hood made two thundering attempts to crush wings of Gen. W.T. Sherman's army this week - but failed. Atlanta is under siege.

The battles - at Peach Tree Creek on Wednesday and between Atlanta and Decatur on Friday - left 15,000 casualties among both armies. Dead include two prominent generals - the union's J.B. McPherson (Sherman wept when he heard of it) and Georgia's W.H.T. Walker...

And so it remained, despite attempts by Hood and Sherman to break the other at Ezra Church, Utoy Creek, and Lovejoy's Station until the decisive Battle of Jonesborough forced the Confederates to evacuate the city in flames on September 2, 1864.

President Abraham Lincoln and Generals Ulysses S. (Unconditional Surrender) Grant and Sherman refused to relent in their re-knitting of the Union, despite relatively indecisive epic battles from Shiloh to Gettysburg to Vicksburg. It was arguably Sherman's severing of the South from its Georgia railroad war supply hub and subsequent March to the Sea that ensured Lincoln's re-election and the eventual surrender of General Robert E. Lee to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia.

The Union was preserved and the exceptional American republic that rose from the ashes of the War Between the States has surpassed the prosperity achieved by the Greek, Roman and British empires. We didn't do so just to squander it away to an overbearing central government.

"What our forefathers with so much difficulty secured, do not basely relinquish." - William Bradford

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