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Atlanta to Cozumel, Mexico- go off the beaten path

Cozumel, Mexico
Cozumel, Mexico
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If you are looking for a unique island vacation and water sports are high on your list, then you may want to consider Cozumel, Mexico. Cozumel is located just 12 miles from Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.  Cozumel offers sandy white beaches, crystal-clear water and a year-round Caribbean climate. Cozumel has a wild, untamed side, as well as a city area with shops and lively restaurants in the island's only town, San Miguel.

Cozumel, Mexico is renowned for its SCUBA diving and snorkeling, making it a fantastic destination for water sports lovers. Much of the island is undeveloped jungle, full of wildlife like tropical birds and reptiles. Don't miss Cozumel's Mayan ruins and bright coral reefs.

Here are some offbeat places to stay that are recommended by Trip Advisor readers:  A few highly rated hotels are: Villa Las Anclas (a boutique hotel with very high ratings), Casita de Maya and Casa Viento.  Or, if you like Bed and Breakfast locations:  Baldwin's Guest House, or Villa Escondida get rave reviews.

Here are some suggestions for water oriented things to do in Cozumel: Scuba,  or Snorkeling, Sailing, Fishing, Swim With Dolphins, or a Catamaran Snorkel Beach Trip! Or, there are always those picturesque beaches for swimming and ample hammocks for 'taking it easy.'

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