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Atlanta test cheating trial schedule to start

Atlanta Public Schools highly publicized cheating scandal trial is set to start this month. Twelve defense attorneys and prosecutors are working together to select a jury. Inside sources said that jurors had to fill out a survey. Both must agree on the selected jurors. The trial is schedule to last two months. Superintendent Beverly Hall's trial will be later due to her health. She is battling cancer. Beverly Hall continues to declare her innocence and states that she was unaware that cheating was taking place under her leadership. The trial will involve former administrators, principals, testing coordinators and teachers. All are facing racketeering charges and some will be charged with lying to state investigators and influencing witnesses.

Trial schedule to start soon

In May of 2014, some of the defendants choose to do a plea deal from the district attorney. A plea deal avoids a lengthy criminal trial. With the plea deal the defendants may avoid conviction of a more serious charge. The scandal began in 2009. Extraordinary gains or losses were reported in a single year.

An investigation implemented by the (GBI) Georgia Bureau of Investigation, released in July 2011, that 44 of the 56 schools in Atlanta Public Schools, cheated on the 2009, Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, (CRCT). The numbers are amazing, 178 teachers and principals were found to have participated in fixing incorrect answers that were entered by students. Many have taken plea deals, one life ended due to cancer, some teachers were found not guilty of cheating. Many retired and resigned from the district. The remaining13, have chosen to fight to prove their innocence. A jury will decide their guilt or innocence. Presiding over the trial, Judge Jerry Baxter.

The test cheating scandal has been the the largest test cheating scandal in history. Regardless of the standardized tests the district decides to implement, the micro-scope will always be on the Atlanta Public Schools District. The CRCT is history and the 2014-15 school year will focus on a new test for elementary and middle grades. The new test will also be for the end of course test in high school. The Georgia Milestones Assessment System will replace the CRCT. The test will be aligned to the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards. Children first.

“If my future were determined just by my performance on a standardized test, I wouldn’t be here. I guarantee you that.” -Michelle Obama


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