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Atlanta Supplement Retailer Earns Google Award for Customer Service

Acupuncture Atlanta earns Google Trusted Store Badge
Acupuncture Atlanta earns Google Trusted Store Badge

An Atlanta retailer has been awarded the Google Trusted Store badge. Acupuncture Atlanta, a professional company selling Chinese herbs and natural supplements, has received the award that grants them membership in the Trusted Store Program. Google gives this award to e-commerce companies that have a proven track record for punctual shipments and outstanding customer service.

About Acupuncture Atlanta
Acupuncture Atlanta is a twofold business that features both a clinic and retail source for holistic medicine and supplements of all kinds. All of the products sold through the online retail store are also available through the clinic. The online store is integrated with the clinic as well, so patients can receive online information from the clinic, or pick up orders at their brick-and-mortar location.

Acupuncture Atlanta provides a holistic treatment approach that uses traditional Chinese medicine that can be combined with Western medical protocols. The staff at the clinic believe a combined approach brings out the best of both medical worlds, allowing for the best possible outcomes for the patient. The Acupuncture Atlanta Clinic offers treatment options for the following conditions:

• Chronic illnesses
• Infertility
• Sports injuries
• Pain management
• Anti-aging

Patients may continue their treatment plans by ordering products through the clinic’s online store. Now that the store has been awarded the Google Trusted Store badge, clinic staff hope to broaden their customer base and find even more individuals who can benefit from their approach to wellness and disease treatment.

“We’re excited to become part of the Google Trusted Stores Program,” Warren Cargal, director of the clinic and owner of Acupuncture Atlanta, was quoted as saying in a press release announcing the award. “We look forward to offering our huge range of traditional Chinese herbs and nutritional supplements, backed by our professional expertise, to all the new customers this award will bring.”

About Acupuncture Atlanta’s Online Store
The online store for Acupuncture Atlanta features a wide range of products, including herbs and supplements, skin care, teas, homeopathic remedies and functional foods. The store also includes a category for holistic pet care products. The store features ample access to online customer assistance, through an online help desk and live chat. Customers may also schedule consultations for more in depth assistance with their natural treatment options.

The online retailer now displays the Google Trusted Stores badge on their shopping pages. Customers that click on the icon will see store metrics for on-time shipping, issue-free orders and issue resolution. Statistics for Acupuncture Atlanta are currently excellent, according to the Google data.

In addition, Google backs membership into their Trusted Store Program with a $1,000 lifetime purchase protection for all eligible purchases. Google also provides assistance to customers of the company who have problems resolving issues with the business directly. This added peace-of-mind often encourages customers to try out a new company, even if they are somewhat wary of online retail businesses.

The Google Trusted Store badge is just one more way Acupuncture Atlanta is striving to provide first-class customer service to everyone who shops on their website.

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