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Atlanta Superbowl Sunday Alternatives

It seems like it's difficult to meet people in Atlanta if you're not a sports fan. After all, sporting evens really bring people together. If you're not keen on the game, or all of your friends are coupled up and there's no one new to meet at an upcoming Sunday gathering, I've got a couple of ideas on what to do.

Truly Alternative
Beginning at 5PM, Masquerade opens their doors in support of bartender Maggie, who lost everything in a house fire while at work one night. Entry is $8 per person, with all profits going to Maggie and her family.

The Masquerade regulars and friends of Maggie will be in attendance. If you aren't familiar with the Masquerade, there's nothing to lose by stopping by while supporting a great cause for a wonderful person, and checking out local music you may not have heard before. If you are familiar with the Masquerade, you know you've got nothing to lose, and nothing but new people to meet. By attending, you already have a common ground and something to talk about. I've even featured Masquerade as one of my favorite places to meet people.

Local bands Low Country, Doomsayer, Love Buzzards, Excuse the Blood, Dogs of Verona, and Lazarus will be playing to show their support, and raffles will be held with prizes that include tattoo gift certificates and other fantastic stuff. Masquerade also has several televisions and will be broadcasting the Superbowl, in case you care just that much.

Masquerade Atlanta
695 North Avenue NE
Atlanta GA 30308

Stir Things Up
Through Atlanta On the Cheap, the blog of all things local and affordable, I learned that all four Atlanta locations of The Melting Pot will be having a special on Superbow Sunday. I doubt they'll be showing the game as the deal is billed as a girls night out, so it's a great time to get your single friends together for $25 per person cheese fondue, salad, and chocolate fondue. They're also featuring $5 chocolate martinis! (But just what is it with the salad?)

Sure, perhaps some single dude is reading this, and wondering when I'm going to mention beer and wings. That's not part of the deal, and you can easily refine your taste for the evening. Listen up: "Girls night out" means that girls will be there. You want dating advice? Go where the girls are. 

If you've already found someone to date, consider this: While a Sunday at home with the game may sound appealing, you've only got one week until Valentine's Day. If you don't have a reservation, you might never get one. This is the perfect way to get in an early, unfussy V-Date. Snuggle on the couch next Sunday. Trust me.

The Melting Pot
Multiple Atlanta Locations

Know of a local Valentine's event? Email me the details.


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