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Atlanta's Mayor Reed: New disaster plan 2014

Snowstorm 2014 in Atlanta
Snowstorm 2014 in Atlanta
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Mayor Reed of Atlanta is not resting and sitting around waiting on the next Winter snowstorm. On Friday, the Mayor is already working on an action plan to execute during any type of disaster like Tuesday’s snowstorm. The objective of the plan is get people home safe and out of harms way in a more organized release.

While many state and local leaders were still scratching their heads and defending their actions or lack of actions. Reed has been hard at work. Mayor Reed addressed the Atlanta Press Club on Friday. Reed talked about a major plan that he is putting into action. On Friday, he addressed several key goals to improve the city’s emergency response:

Key goals of plan:

Reed wants to review what was done right and what was done wrong during the storm. He wants to establish a group to look at best practices for dealing with snowstorms and disasters.

Mayor Reed wants to double Atlanta's capabilities in de-icing and pretreating roads. To do this the he will ask the city council for more funding.

Reed stated that the Weather Channel will help Atlanta to be a more ‘weather-ready’city.

Mayor Reed is reaching out and working with other leaders to improve communication between agencies.

As a part of his plan, hopefully, Mayor Reed will include citizens, students, bus drivers and especially parents of school age children on the team to help with the planning. In his address to Atlanta Press Club, he continued to focus on the biggest issue that created the gridlock. That was the failure to release the 1.2 million Atlantans in intervals. The release of schools, businesses and state government all at once contributed to the massive gridlock. As many Atlantan’s, who were catch in the gridlock, spent Friday, sharing their survival stories with friends, family and news outlets. Atlanta was cleaning up the consequences of Winter storm 2014.

Despite the many hours that stranded motorist and school children faced at schools and on buses, there were many positive heartfelt stories. Stories of individuals going above and beyond to help total strangers in their time of need. The snowstorm has proven to be a lesson learned for everyone. Mother Nature is a very unrelenting and unsympathetic teacher. Welcome to Atlanta.

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