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Atlanta's January 7th prompt: time lapses

Time flies, they say. But does it really? Not always.
Time flies, they say. But does it really? Not always., by subscription

According to a recent study by a collaboration of some of the nation's top business schools, the brain is a terrible source for reliable time keeping (see this report on the matter for more details). The article analyzes the collected data and concludes that periods of time punctuated by fairly-noteworthy events feel longer than those where nothing seems to happen. The whole "time flies" idiom fits perfectly well with this sentiment.

So that brings us to today's writing prompt: write a quick scene or character sketch involving someone who is a victim of this phenomenon. Perhaps a character thinks back on some noteworthy event in his life that occurred decades ago, but feels like just yesterday. Or maybe it's the opposite; this character feels like he is being drained of life as he watches the clock creep by.

Perhaps write a scene about a student who is sitting at her desk, waiting impatiently to go home but the clock seems to stop in its tracks. Maybe the clock becomes a tangible character, taunting and teasing the student, laughing in her face. It's a cliche, sure, but with a bit of creativity, even cliches can become original, interesting stories.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another prompt, brought to you by the Atlanta Creative Writing Examiner.


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