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Atlanta's January 10th prompt: Get out those magazines

See? You knew you kept those old magazines around for a reason!
See? You knew you kept those old magazines around for a reason!, by subscription

So hopefully everyone is doing well with all of their New Year’s writing resolutions thus far. I know I have always found writing prompts helpful, and today’s prompt is one of my favorites to use during down time.

Open a magazine. It’s important that they are magazines rather than newspapers, as the photos used in magazines are usually more vivid and more intentionally composed, rather than action shots like in the paper. So get out a magazine, any magazine, and open to a random page.

Pick a photo on either of the two pages the magazine is open to and write a profile on whatever character you happen to choose. It doesn’t need to be long, 2-or 300 words or so. If you happened to land on a picture of a bird, stretch out those writing muscles a bit and turn that bird into a character. It can’t hurt to write a profile on a bird, and if you’re not used to it, can really open some creative doors.

Do this exercise a few times, rather than just once. Switching from brand new character to brand new character so quickly really forces the writer to adapt and improvise, especially when there isn’t a lot of choice (you many not want to write about a bird, but you have to since you turned to it).

If you have luck with any of these daily writing prompts, I’d love to hear your comments! And of course, stay tuned tomorrow for the next prompt.


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