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Atlanta’s Death On Two Wheels is the definition of raw power

Death On Two Wheels
Death On Two Wheels
Death On Two Wheels

Landing thunderous rhythmic punches to the listener’s ear holes only to follow them up with vicious guitar driven jabs to the head and face, Atlanta’s Death On Two Wheels (DOTW) delivers a wealth of lethal rock & roll on their latest album Death On Two Wheels.

DOTW’s self-titled release barrels along as lead singer Trae Vedder growls his words over the sonic sludge created by the band singing about women, bad decisions and life in general. The music on this record walks that thin line between ‘metal’ and ‘hard rock’ and that is what makes it so damn good. Jacob Bubacz shreds the guitar, blistering ears as he manipulates his instrument between piercing highs (think Maiden or Priest) to muddy brooding lows (think Pearl Jam or Queens of the Stone Age). Greg Neel (drums) and Stuart Roane (bass) deliver the rhythms that hold it all together while Alec Stanley adds that intangible ingredient with his organ playing. When you mix all these sounds together you get one bad ass rock album that rivals anything that was released in 2013.

DOTW has unleashed a record that is much more than your average ‘stoner rock’ or ‘metal head’ fare. The songs are multi-layered creations with lyrics that are a bit deeper than most of your hard rock records. These guys know how to write a good song and this album shows it. Give Death On Two Wheels a listen and brace yourself for the best punch in the face you have ever had.

- Hey Amariah
- Giving It All Away
- Death Wolf
- Burn Loretta