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Atlanta's CONVOY signs on with the Please Rock Franchise

Truckin' to a town near you.
Truckin' to a town near you.

Watching Atlanta's CONVOY is like being in the glory days of Gilley's where everybody can be an urban cowboy or cowgirl for a night. Now the schtiky-retro-honky-tonk band has just announced they are now a part of the PleaseRock family, the franchise responsible for the ever so popular Yacht Rock Revue. Frontman Chris Cox explains how he made it all happen in a recent post on facebook:

"Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 5 to 6 years you've heard of the Yacht Rock Revue. I watched them grow from performing for a crowd of 40 people on a Tuesday night in a basement club to playing Chastain amphitheater with the original artists who wrote the songs that helped get them where they are now. One night feeling depressed and tired of watching my friend Mark Dannells succeed at playing music for a living while I sat idle I decided I would get drunk and brainstorm a business model that could do the same for me. After polishing off half a bottle of cheap whiskey I realized that Convoy was everything they weren't doing from the same eras and that I was surrounded by the perfect demographic that would appreciate this band for hundreds and hundreds of miles east, west, north and south. After two failed attempts to get it off the ground and several lineup changes I finally found the right group of people who shared my enthusiasm to make this thing work. In the process I came to find out I'm quite the bedazzler as well. Thank you to my friends, the fans and to everyone at PleaseRock for believing in our vision. It is always a good feeling to be in the company of good friends who are also great musicians. And always remember... If you want to relive, revive, love life and survive you better get yourself a CONVOY!!!"

CONVOY is Matt Chenowith, Rich Desantis, Adam Johnson, Ryan Faulkner, and of course front man extraordinaire Chris Cox. You can check the guys out tomorrow night from 9 p.m.- midnight at The Front Page News in Little 5 Points