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ATLANTA Round 2 with Ice!

Atlanta has already faced the storm of a century. And might I add, not well prepared at all. Two weeks ago ICE flooded into this city Paralyzing every street, leaving individuals to sleep in their vehicles, CVS stores, and children in their schools. The stress and fear this brought on many was seriously unbelievable. The Governor and other political figures were taken off guard and not ready for this horrific Ice Storm.

Round 2 Atlanta, Georgia gets ICE
Photo by Davis Turner/Getty Images

Never the less, a shout out of BRAVO and Thanks across Georgia for the informative weather channels, local TV channels, and the prepared crews that assisted in getting us all ready for this storm ... Georgia is extremely well prepared for Round 2. The Governor is staying on top of keeping our wonderful state informed every hour. The TV Channels are doing an amazing job of minute by minute updates and no one is taking this sitting down or standing up. The streets were getting prepared by trucks with sand from the early hours and they were jolly on the spot when the ice hit.

Our city Might not have been prepared last go round... One thing I can say is that the support and personalized help from communities and each person who had a four wheel drive was unparalleled, with the use of Social Media and Trust, WE ROCKED IN SUPPORT. Thank you Atlanta people. You are the Rock Stars..

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