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Atlanta Real Estate...up to date 'how's the market' report


Many are on vacation this week, enjoying the week of the 4th at the beach ... we are here in Atlanta entrenched in real estate... showing homes, previewing homes, selling homes, comparing homes, listing homes, marketing homes, writing offers, negotiating terms and conditions...

Our kids are very interested in real estate. Guess it is natural really. They see and hear us talk about homes. They ask 'where is daddy' and I'll say 'at work'. Even our 2 year old knows what work is and he'll say 'I go see house'. Funny really, I think we may have a future Realtor.

Everyday, we are asked by friends, neighbors, family, complete strangers, and business associates 'how's the market'. It seems that everyone is interested in real estate. Makes sense ... people, kids and adults alike, want to know what is happening in their neighborhood - who is moving out and who is moving in? And the number 1 question...What did they get for their house? Not that they are nosy neighbors, but concerned is their neighborhood standing in the real estate shift? Are their home values holding?

And while overall in Atlanta, we are seeing a 10% decrease in sales prices compared to that of a year ago, some pockets are not only holding their value but are gaining in value.

If you are curious what your particular Atlanta neighborhood is doing, give us a call and we'll give you a complete analysis.  It's always a good idea to be informed and to know the value of your home. In fact, if you are just interested in keeping up with the JUST SOLD properties in your neighborhood and would like to receive a free email report once per month, let us know and we'll enroll you to receive your particular neighborhood report, free of charge and no obligation. It's easy. Just email me