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Atlanta hosts training for working with senior citizens

Society of Certified Senior Advisors comes to Atlanta
Society of Certified Senior Advisors comes to Atlanta

Customer service professionals quickly discover there are unique challenges in working with the elderly population. Senior customers often have different concerns regarding health, social networking and finances. Learning about those concerns can help those in customer service in nearly any industry provide more effective service to their senior customer population. Now, Atlanta residents have the opportunity to learn about this service issue through a new location for the Certified Senior Advisor course offered by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

About the Course
The Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) course is available to professionals in any industry that work with senior customers on a regular basis. The course provides the tools these professionals need to effectively communicate with this customer base. The classes are offered throughout the United States, including their newest location at the Doubletree by Hilton in Atlanta.

CSA courses take place in a series of three eight-hour days. The class to be held in Atlanta this month is based on the CSA Textbook, “Working with Seniors: Health and Financial Issues.” Topics to be covered in this 24-hour session include Trends in Aging, Caregiving, Cognitive Aging, Estate Planning, Medicare and Social Security. The course will end with a session titled, “Ethics in Doing Business with Seniors.”

Classes meet for a fourth day for examinations. Those interested in becoming a certified senior advisor may take the examination, which takes three hours to complete. Those who earn the title of certified senior advisor may become members of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors (SCSA).

In addition to live classes taking place around the country, there are also online CSA classes available. Online courses take six months to complete, with 22 recorded modules corresponding to the textbook material. Learning exercises are also included in the online curriculum. Individuals that complete the online course may also take a certification exam, at one of the professional testing sites located around the country.

About SCSA
SCSA was founded in 1997 by Ed Pittock, who had a vision of providing a higher quality of service and care to seniors in the community. Pittock brought together a group of individuals who worked with the elderly population on a regular basis to identify the specific needs and concerns of this demographic. Those brainstorming sessions eventually evolved into the Certified Senior Advisor courses and certification system.

The SCSA believes that when industry professionals are better educated on how to provide high quality service to seniors, it improves the quality of life for those seniors overall. Professionals who participate in these courses learn the value of working with senior customers and see how much benefit seniors receive when they work with professionals that understand their specific needs and concerns.

Customers have unique needs based on their age, gender, background and a number of other variables. By learning how to work more effectively with your senior customers, you may be able to build a whole new demographic into your loyal customer base. SCSA will be offering their course in Atlanta the end of January for interested residents of the area.

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