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Atlanta Film Festival (part 2)

One of the coolest experiences is to watch a movie you have never seen before and have no idea what it's about. That way you will not be disappointed by the story. Here are some more films viewed at the Atlanta Film Festival Saturday evening accompanied by reviews.

This Side Up
Directed by Eric Blue
12 minutes

Jack wants to do the most romantic gesture for his long-distance girlfriend and mail himself to her - literally. On his journey, he discovers something unexpected. Blue's film was quite entertaining - the humor was slapstick, but clever at the delivery. It's along the lines of a Frat Pack skit meets Saturday Night Live meets "Spanglish." The coolest part about this short film is it's filmed in Georgia! 

Grade: B

Directed by Chris Mollica
29 minutes

With the sudden death of Tom's (Chris Mollica) brother, his roommate Lenny (Lu Louis) decides to throw him a party to celebrate life.The story is engaging because there are people in "Freeport" we have encountered at least once in our lives: the unwanted/unexpected party crashers, the quarreling couple you're friends with, the friend that will always be there for you and that person who gives you butterflies. Mollica does a nice job bringing to the screen an ordinary situation and making the viewer one of the guests at the party. It's similar to "Garden State," but the story gives you just enough of everything instead of keeping you sucked for the sake of Zach Braff's "legendary music selections." 

Grade: B

For more info: Please visit the Atlanta Film Festival's website.


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