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Atlanta Exes: Torrei tells Tameka to kill herself. See other jabs she throws.

Tameka vs.Torrei. Who wins?
Tameka vs.Torrei. Who wins?

Christina has been moving forward in the dating world but broke all of the dating rules. After only a few short dates she’s already asking “where do you see this going?” She also tells him that she can’t have kids and ask if it’s a deal breaker. She even jokes about them blending families. It’s a wonder the poor fellow didn’t head for the exit.

Speaking of dating, Sheree encourages Monyetta to start dating again and officially dissolve her feelings for Ne-Yo. On another day, she shares a touching moment with Christina who offers emotional support when Monyetta finds out her thyroid tests came back abnormal. The topic moves on to dating and having more kids. Christina confesses that she can’t have kids and Monyetta admitted she can’t have kids either because she and Ne-Yo decided to get her tubes tied (burned actually). What if she meets “the one” and he wants kids? She tries not to turn bitter thinking about that possibility.

Last week’s episode ended with Torrei and her friend Traci (from last season’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta) arguing with Tameka at her charity event for Kile’s World known as the “T Market” as opposed to flea market. Torrei and Traci were escorted out at the start of this episode. Torrei has had it with Tameka’s rudeness and lack of appreciation for her and the other ladies supporting her event. Round one between these two ladies was a draw.

Torrei isn’t the only one who has an issue with Tameka. Sheree, who’s known Tameka the longest, is starting to see another side of her friend. Sheree confides in Torrei about how she feels “I can’t be around your [Tameka] energy. Your darkness. Whenever I’m around her and I leave, I’m exhausted.”

To make matters worse, Sheree finds out that Tameka has been bad mouthing her to Sheree’s best friend about her parenting skills and questioned if Sheree ever slept with Usher. Sheree vehemently denies ever having relations with Usher. She knew Usher for years before Tameka even got on the scene.

Christina thought it was a good idea to get the ladies together to iron out the kinks in their sisterhood. The kumbaya moment goes from zero to sixty in a hot minute. Torrei brings up Tameka’s alleged arrest for stealing. Tameka said it happened when she was fifteen, but turns right around and poses the question as if it weren’t true. “I was arrested for stealing? Oh really?” Well, did you Tameka? Inquiring minds want to know.

The rest of the juvenile fight went a little something like this:

Torrei: Lay in the coffin. Kill yo self.

Tameka: You got Ramen Noodles on your head. You’re allergic to every cosmetic on the market.

Torrei: So are you with that fake shot up a** you’re walking around with. Pow pow. Pump it up!

Tameka: With your shot up bumps on your face.

Torrei throws extra jabs when she brings up Tameka’s kids, which is typically an off-limits unwritten rule in reality TV.

Torrei: You ain’t got your first round of kids; you ain’t got your second round of kids. Clearly you’re doing something wrong, boo.

Tameka had enough and threatened to beat her up. Christina had to take Tameka outside to cool off. Round two definitely goes to Torrei who doesn’t mind fighting dirty.

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