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Atlanta Exes: The New Ladies of the A. Get to know the cast.

The New Ladies of the A  (l-r Torrei, Christina, Tameka, Monyetta and Sheree)
The New Ladies of the A (l-r Torrei, Christina, Tameka, Monyetta and Sheree)

Monyetta Shaw - Was engaged to Ne-Yo up until ten months ago. He did the gentlemanly thing and broke up with her over the phone because that’s how a woman who birthed your two children should be treated, right? Strangely enough, they both still occupy space in the same house. He’s hardly home (a new woman was on his arm at the VMAs this past Sunday), but Monyetta has plenty of pictures of Ne-Yo and the kids hanging on every available wall space to keep her company. Her cast mates say she won’t ever get over Ne-Yo if they don’t separate physically and emotionally.

Quick Overview: She takes her engagement ring to the jeweler to have it altered in some way, but changes her mind. She is so emotional in every scene that it is obvious she’s still deeply in love and holding on to the hopes that she and Ne-Yo will be together.

Torrei Hart – Was married for eight and a half years (please don’t leave off the half!) to comedian Kevin Hart. She first met him when she was twenty years old and he was working at a sneaker store. He got into comedy, moved to LA and eventually landed film and TV roles. They had two kids and the marriage ended when Kevin had an affair. Now Torrei wants to jumpstart her career in Atlanta.

Quick Overview: Torrei appears to have no trouble speaking her mind and she’s the only one who stands up to Tameka the Aggressor. She seems to be the voice of reason amongst the ladies and gives warranted advice. She missed her calling because she probably should’ve been a comedian because she makes a lot of funny and witty comments.

Sheree Buchanan – Was married to former NFL player Ray Buchanan. They had “a whole bunch of babies” as she describes it, things turned sour once Ray’s NFL career ended and he lost his way. She admits she lost herself as well.

Quick Overview: Sheree is the Turn Up Queen. She parties with her twenty one year old daughter. She dates guys as young as twenty seven and wears skimpy clothing. Tameka doesn’t approve of her wardrobe choices or her parenting skills. Sheree doesn’t hold back on her sexcapades. She is so done with Ray she even claims she has no problem getting busy while wearing the diamond chain he gave her.

Christina Johnson - Was married for five years and divorced eight years ago from Cee Lo Green. They have a son together. The reason for the break up? The more famous he became the more he changed, she claimed. She also claimed it wasn’t a healthy situation so she left. Although divorced, they continued to see each other off and on and finally broke it off recently. She wholeheartedly admits she still loves Cee Lo.

Quick Overview: For some reason Cee Lo convinced Christina she needs to run her dates by him although he is in a relationship. Classic manipulator. They are still so cool that he comes in town to help her pick out new outfits for a potential date. Speaking of which, she lets Sheree set her up on a blind date with a recently separated man but that doesn’t stop her from going on a second date with him.

Tameka Raymond – ex-wife of Usher Raymond discussed the media sensation behind her marriage and divorce and losing her son Kyle a year after her divorce. Kyle died from a head injury he suffered from a jet ski accident.

Quick Overview: Tameka seems to rub everyone the wrong way. She takes shots at Sheree’s clothing. Even saying she’s going to be a grandma because she allows her twelve year old to dress sexy. She throws shade at the other ladies by assuming her relationship woes were deeper than theirs because she was divorced and lost a child. It’s a wonder how Usher stayed in that marriage as long as he did with that attitude. Tameka has placed herself in the Queen Bee role but the other women don’t seem to be buzzing around her condescending comments and negative attitude.

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