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Atlanta double header in San Diego

Atlanta Rollergirls logo
Atlanta Rollergirls logo

Tonight the San Diego Derby Dolls are hosting the Atlanta Rollergirls and the Angel City Derby Girls, for a double header night of roller derby action at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Atlanta Rollergirls are flying all the way across the country to take on the southern California teams. In the first bout, Atlanta’s all-star travel team, the Dirty South, versus the Angel City’s all-star travel team, the Hollywood Scarlets. The Dirty South will take the track for a second non-public bout on Sunday to put a damper the Wildfires, SD’s all-star travel team.

SD’s Wildfires are not a WFTDA team, but they are in 21st place, nationally ranked by the Derby News Network. Atlanta and Angel City were nationally ranked by the Derby News Network at the end of last years season.

Atlanta is ranked 5th in the WFTDA Southern Central region and Angel City 8th in the WFTDA Western region.

Atlanta will have a spot back on DNN’s power rankings when they are released in this month, they won the Clover Cup in March, taking out Houston (3rd) and Dallas (4th) in the process. When they beat SD, Atlanta will be one of DNN’s 25 nationally power ranked teams.

SD is coming off the road after being in Ohio last week, bringing home a 129-106 win against  Cincinnati (15th). SD’s win against Cincinnati will take Cincinnati's number 15 spot in the ranking.

Both bouts will be covered live via video on DNN courtesy of the San Diego Derby Dolls. Coverage begins at 5:30pm Pacific (8:30pm Eastern) with Atlanta vs. Angel City, followed by Atlanta vs. San Diego at 7:45pm Pacific (10:45pm Eastern).

The Dirty South Derby Girls

Amelia Scareheart B52 // Alass Insane 1973 // Canna Whoopass 2bfc // Chopper Bleed 410 // Deathskull 8 // Demi Gore 1428 // Insinerator 1650 // Juju B1 // Nora Gretz 99 // Regreta Garbo 1905 // Shannihilator 3 // Sissy Splaysek 49 // Switchblade Siouxsie 8979 // The Merchant of Menace 1lb // Wheelin' Jennings 2L8

Angel City Derby Girls

Blackstar Heroine 69mg // Breakfast 8am // Chica Go Lightning 16mm // Duchess Von Damn (Captain) 10 // Go-Go Gidget (Co-Captain) 402 // Holly Caust 101 // Knocksberry Harm 36 // Kristi Yamagotcha 6 // Punk N. Da Trunk 1221 // Retro Bruzin 68

San Diego Derby Dolls

Bo Toxic 619 // Bonnie D Stroir 26 // CheerBleedHer 56 // Dahmernatrix 505 // Ivanna S Pankin 22 // Kiki Diaz 88 // Kung Pow Tina 7&7 // Lemon Drop 80 // OB Noxious 707 // Slamurai 7 // Some Brero 5 // SplintHer i // Steely Jan 19 // Trish the Dish 99

For tickets to Saturday night’s double header please visit the San Diego Derby Doll’s website

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  • Dave Sandersfeld, Portland Oregon Nature Examiner 5 years ago

    looks like a fun life. Do you travel with girls as PR agent? I subscribed

  • Chuck Douros- National Boy Scouts Examiner 5 years ago

    What is the prize money like, in this sport?

  • Jessica 5 years ago

    Good luck ATL!!

  • Tina 5 years ago

    There is no prize money only bragging rights and ranking. These women do not get paid to play, they pay dues to play.

    No, I do not travel with the team.

  • Drew Denny - Paddle Sports Examiner 5 years ago

    These names are cracking me up.

  • Ray Pendleton 5 years ago

    Great imaginations creating their Derby names.

  • Erin 5 years ago

    O.B. Noxious' number is 703. Thanks!

  • Ronnie 5 years ago

    Your article is so complete and you make it sound so exciting.

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