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Atlanta couples: Dating or just kickin’ it

Dating or just kickin' it
Dating or just kickin' it
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Nowadays, if you speak to the average person in Atlanta about their love life they will be quite coy. Upon further probing you may be able to get them to spill the beans. What will you find out? Well for starters, quite a few are not too sure exactly what the status is of their relationship. Some even hesitate to call what they have a relationship.

It would seem that many are together without a very clear definition of their relationship. Many new words and phrases have cropped up into their vocabulary. When asked who they are dating, they will say something to the effect, “we are not really dating we are just kicking it.” Excuse me, kickin’ it? What the heck does that mean when it comes to dating? Well, what it means is the formal date steps are not followed, in lieu of a casually meeting up and hanging out whenever time permits. Making a plan to formally pick up the woman, take her to a nice restaurant or a movie etc., have conversation about what each other wants out of a relationship that ends in the man paying for the date is apparently old school and not really favored. Both men and women seem to be ok with just kickin’ it.

Upon further examination, it would seem that women are not so much in favor of kickin' it as much as they feel this is what they must do in order for them to even get to spend time with a man. On the other hand the men complain that they feel too much pressure when on a formal date. They feel pressure in what to do, what to say and how to act. They feel like they are auditioning and it is all just too much. When did men become so let’s just say delicate? Haven’t men always had to impress women? Of course they have, but nowadays men, just like with everything else, have fallen victim to wanting the easy to get, throw away type product. The product I speak of are women who don’t require much to make themself available.

Men will do whatever is required of them to get what they desire. If women don’t require a formal, proper date, then they won’t do it. However, more and more men are realizing that the quality woman they desire will not be found in a just kickin’ it type situation. A real woman will require a real date with real relationship potential. Some things do not change. Quality will not be found among cheap and plenty and when it comes to getting a happy mutually compatible and satisfying relationship, what you put in it is what you get out of it.

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