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ATLANTA completely unprepared for 2014 Winter Storm Again!

SaletteUSAtv, Marcus Salette

It is absolutely unbelievable that all the weather warnings and forecast was completely ignored by Atlanta politicians, particularly the Governor Deal (who declares a state of Emergency at 5:30pm after the fact) and the head of Georgia's Educational Systems, the head and crews of G-DOT, the country run levels of government from Fulton to Cowetta. When will we learn ? We have been though enough storms to know not to just not do anything!

Is this suppose to be cute ? All day weather coverage and nobody is upset, no one is outraged ? No one prepared for this winter event ? Was everyone sleep at the wheel or was it all about money ? How could the schools still be open when the forecast clearly projected the time of the storm would be morning or afternoon. The risk that Georgians take to move around just on the level of their kids schedule should have been enough for someone to pick up that phone and tell someone to use their freaking head- CLOSED THE DAG ON SCHOOLS.

The head of APS told channel 2 News, "We didn't understand the severity of the forecast..." What ???? What is there to understand, IT IS GOING TO SNOW LIKE CRAZY- CLOSE THE SCHOOLS! How much does it take to watch and believe the weatherman and weather woman of Atlanta who did an excellent job forecasting this storm right up to the latest forecast changes that predicted an earlier precipitation accumulation. Every few years we go through this and no heads roll, every top manager still gives excuses, and the citizens of Georgia suffer- this is simply unacceptable!