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Atlanta company presents at fall conference on big data and customer interaction


Atlanta Company Presents at Fall Conference on Big Data and Customer Interaction

The TRMA fall conference gave telecommunications companies information about how to make the most of their customer interactions. An Atlanta-based company, Nexidia, was one of the presenters at the conference, helping attenders understand the latest innovations in interaction data collection and use. The conference offered this company a chance to stand out in their field of customer engagement and contact center technology.

Ryan Pellet, Nexidia’s senior vice president of strategic services, participated in the learning lab at the conference titled, “Big Data: The Revolution that will Transform our Business.” Big data allows businesses to capture data in real time, using cost-effective measures that lets those businesses respond faster and more accurately to the customer data they receive. The key to successful big data collection is knowing what information to focus on that will give business owners the biggest bang for their analytic buck.

“The use of data in understanding our rapidly evolving industry is essential,” Cathy Benigno, vice president of PayTV at Equifax Communication and co-chair of the TRMA Education Committee, stated in a press release. “Based on requests from our membership, attendees will hear why the world’s leading telecommunications providers are turning to big data to craft new ways of managing risk, collectibles and compliance. Nexidia will help our membership to understand advancements in interaction data collection and use.”

About Nexidia
Nexidia provides interaction analytics that help companies use the business intelligence they collect to make the most of their call center experience. They eliminate problems companies face in identifying and understanding what is currently going on within their call centers. Since call centers are often the primary contact a customer has with a business, it is essential for companies to use all the data available to make their contact center and customer friendly as possible.

The technology offered by Nexidia is fast and scaleable. This means companies can customize solutions to meet their specific size and needs. In addition, Nexidia’s technology allows companies to harness big data that helps them to make necessary changes quickly and accurately. Through its products and service, Nexidia helps businesses make the most of the big data they collect to provide the highest possible quality of service to meet their customers’ specific needs.

About TRMA
The Telecommunications Risk Management Association, also known as TRMA, works to enhance security and customer relations among telecommunications companies, by reducing risk and enhancing the information gathering process. Those who become members of TRMA are able to network with other professionals in the industry, on important topics like benchmarking, fraud, education, communications, and regulatory. The company also hosts regular conferences, like the one recently held in Miami, to allow telecommunications experts to come together to learn the latest innovations in the industry and share ideas.

This recent conference hosted a number of major telecommunications companies from the United States and Canada, including AT&T, Sprint, Comcast, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Bell, DirecTV, Rogers Communications, Cable One and Dish Network.

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