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Atlanta commuters not only one slowed by ice: Air Force One delayed this week

Air Force One is delayed 45 mins. due to weather conditions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during winter storm Leon.
Air Force One is delayed 45 mins. due to weather conditions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during winter storm Leon.
Steve Brusk Twitter

National news headlines have badgered the Atlanta mayor and Georgia governor for their inability to predict and prevent the hours-long traffic debacle due to the winter storm known as Leon. But on Jan. 30 it looked like even Pres. Obama couldn't plan enough in advance to prevent Air Force One from being slowed down due to the weather conditions based on this tweeted photo from CNN's Steve Brusk.

Air Force One iced in at Milwaukee during Pres. Obama's post-SOTU address.
Steve Brush of CNN via Twitter

The president planned to depart from the General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Thursday afternoon after touring General Electric's Waukesha Gas Engines. But the ice on the tarmac showed in Brusk's tweeted photo that even the president can get caught in an icy mess that delays his departure.

Fortunately, Air Force One has more money and resources at its disposal to prevent the kind of snafu Georgians experienced as they made their ways home super slowly on Tuesday. And the president was able to arrive safely at the Berry Field Air National Guard for his Thursday visit to Nashville, TN. But not before being delayed by 45 minutes as a result of the wintery mix, according to News Channel 5.

WSMV Channel 4 reported the president landed at approximately 3:40 p.m. ET after flying over McGavock to allow the people to see Air Force Once. But news anchor Jennifer Johnson asked on-the-ground reporter Ian Reitz if the landing deck was covered with well wishers awaiting a peek at the president they have seen very little of in their state since he took office.

Other than the press, Jennifer and Jeremy, there's not a whole lot of activity out here just yet. We did see a couple of folks who are waiting to officially greet the president. There kind of inside the building right now," Reitz said.

It is not surprising due to the weather that few turned out to greet Pres. Obama as his plane landed. But hundreds turned out for his speech at McGavock High School, where the president touched on his concern for students dealing with the fatal black on black school shooting by one student of another.

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