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Atlanta Celebrates Four Square Day on April 16th

Four Square Atlanta Day
Four Square Atlanta Day
Four Square Atlanta

By now, you should have heard of Four Square, the newest location-based social network. April 16th is the official Four Square Day, and throughout the country different cities have signed on to participate. Why April 16th? The mathematics answer to 4 squared (4 x 4) is sixteen, hence 4/16. The purpose of Four Square is to encourage businesses to invite patrons to “check-in” while at their establishment on the Four Square network where all of the user’s friends will see. To motivate the businesses, there are websites and twitter accounts that have been created to publicize which businesses are participating. As an incentive for Four Square users, businesses are encouraged to create specials for the special day and offer badges to users that meet their individual criteria. And the most coveted prize for businesses is a swarm party, which is like a flash or mob party. This type of party could be a jack pot for the chosen business because this is when one venue or business is designated as the main meeting spot for all the users participating in Four Square Day to connect at a specific time. The business or venue that is bestowed this honor will get a swarm badge.

So far a lot of restaurants have joined the movement offering free champagne, margaritas, lunch or dinner entrees, beer, and desserts.  To see the full list of participating businesses and locations in Atlanta, visit the official website for Atlanta Four Square Day.

To learn more or to keep up with the first social media holiday, follow the following links:
Atlanta links-, @4sqatl (on Twitter), FoursquareAtlanta (on Facebook)
National links-, @4sqday (on Twitter), FoursquareDay (on Facebook), blog, #4sqday 

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