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Atlanta bikers are pedaling their way to a greener world

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If you’ve spent hours in traffic making your way to work in Atlanta, you probably understand the frustrations felt by many. In addition to the wasted hours and the carbon monoxide, the activity triples the toxins polluting the air as commuters drive to and from work each day.

With energy-efficient appliances and technological gadgets becoming more advanced, more people are becoming concerned about how their carbon footprint negatively affects the planet. Here are four important ways riding your bike can save the world one pedal at a time!

Better Air Quality

While recycling and conserving water are excellent places to start, simple exercises such as biking versus driving can significantly impact the air quality of the city for the better. If you drive a car to work for your entire career, you have introduced over one billion cubic yards of contaminated pollutants to the air!

Generates Less Debris

You’ve probably navigated your way to work and have seen tires, hub caps and other car parts littering the roadway. In addition to air quality, riding a bike can prevent unwanted worn vehicle parts, tires, brakes and other debris from collecting on your route each day.

Riding your bike to work also protects the roadway and prevents minute particles from that same debris from entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Increases Productivity

Companies who encourage their employees to use their bikes can benefit when it comes to productivity. Exercise can improve a person’s mental and physical health and wellness. Being active also makes you less lethargic throughout the day and allows you to focus on work.

Biking Saves Cost

Atlanta cyclists that have kicked the car habit will find that they save money on fuel, maintenance and parking costs each week. Now that's something you can sit up and notice right away!

Find Out More

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is the consumer’s voice for information. Their primary mission is to create a healthier, safer and easier way for your family to enjoy biking and educate people on the biking networks available in the city. Summer is sizzling with biking events, too, and the Coalition has some great ones lined up that highlight bike awareness, such as commuter breakfasts and weekly Beltline Bike Tours.

Driving a car can have serious repercussions on the planet, especially when you have to sit in traffic. While alternative methods are being invented each year, some people are relying on bike riding as a clean way to generate natural energy.

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