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Athletes should learn how to dance for agility & mobility and to prevent injury

Football players doing ballet.
Football players doing ballet.

Many young athletes today do not understand that over 20-30 years ago that ballet helped NFL players to overcome injuries and now it is becoming the new trend today. Many athletes that have different mobile mechanics such as side to side, back and forth and, of course, jumping would benefit from ballet. The problem with this for many young men is that this is not manly but yet there are many NFL manly players that are taking part in ballet.

However, there are many more forms of dance an athlete can take part in that will give them the agility and flexibility they are looking for during this type of work out and help with their specific sport as well. Just like ballet, the Waltz, Hustle, Salsa, Jive, Samba and Swing are all beneficial. The most important concept that one needs to take in from this dance experience for the future if they take on these dances is that they learned some great dances and also help them win their lady.

Additionally, taking part in these dances will make the individual learn agility and mobility which involves learning quicker motor mechanics or quicker feet agility, endurance training, maybe some plyometrics, and hopefully decrease injuries. This form training can be fun and beneficial for all athletes and should be taken into serious considerations.