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Athletes need to be selfish

Athletes need to be selfish
Athletes need to be selfish

High-level, high-achieving athletes are pretty selfish, they have to be. A large part of their life revolves around their training, nutrition, mental game and performances.

You have got to be pretty self-absorbed in all the fine details of your mental and physical game in order to get to, and excel at, the elite level of any sport. So you make choices that not every athletes makes.

"Sacrifices". It really annoys me when I hear elite athletes saying they've "sacrificed" so much to get where they are. Because it's simply not true.

No one is forcing you to be an elite athlete. You have made a

choice to compete on the highest level. So you have to make

choices that match your desire to be the best. No one really

wants to do hill sprints at 6 A.M. or miss their high school prom
for a roller derby tournament.

If you' have made a big choice to be the best, a choice that most athletes

simply are not willing to make, then you've got to make a lot of smaller

to help you get there. And those smaller choices to do what's best for you are a little selfish. Nothing wrong with that.

But I'm going to let you in on a little secret. But the best players in roller derby skaters are the ones who make their teammates better. :::

It doesn't really matter what position you play - at some point, to move yourself

from being good to great, you've got to become a team player.

It's really easy to get wrapped up in all of the things you need to improve on

personally as a player in order to reach the next level.

So while it may be easy to be selfish and stay "me" focused, you need to shift

your focus to making the rest of the team better in order to excel.

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