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Athlete's Feet.

athlete's feet
athlete's feet

Do your feet look like this? If you're a runner or triathlete, chances are they do! Even if your feet 'look' better than these pictures, it's time to pay attention to your feet.

If your running shoes are in good condition, but your feet are still bothering you it may be time for a pedicure! Pedicure you say? Absolutely. As runners, we put a great deal of wear and tear on our feet. Even though our feet are conditioned, callous build up over time that can cause imbalance in our stride that forces us to unconsciously compensate, causing injury. Some callous can be very painful.

A pedicure is a necessary grooming regimen for BOTH men and women that not only pampers, but also relaxes and aids in healthy feet. Since your feet carry you everywhere, it's especially important to care for them. Regular pedicures not only remove calluses, they are great for the removal of dead skin and help prevent nail diseases and disorders like ingrown toenails and onychorrhexis (longitudinal ridging of the nail). In addition, reflexology, a specific type of foot massage that an increasing number of salons are offering, can help increase circulation and even be used as a form of pain management.

Pedicures are not just for summer either when we expose our feet to the world sporting sandals and going barefoot. An average pedicure can be as little as $20 and should be done monthly when possible. You will find that your running shoes fit better and your run feels better:)

Dawn Ciccone has been a runner for over 30 years and has faces many 'foot' ailments and issues. Pedicures are part of her monthly routine. See