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Athens dog park is a great place for a walk


     Although we've had a chilly winter so far, but it seems to be warming up. With spring around the corner comes the opening of many opportunities for you and your canine companion. Like a walk in the park, Sandy Creek Park that is. Sandy Creek Park is located in Athens. The park is secluded and surrounds Lake Chapman. There is a $2 charge per person but there is lot's of fun to be had. There are plenty of hiking trails, picnic, sites and camping area's to keep you occupied.

By: KristyHoefler

     Also, if your furry friend likes water bring you boat. Take a canoe ride. But to keep the water clean and the dogs aren't allowed to swim in it.  If you and Fido aren't into water there are plenty of dog parks that are fenced in. There are a total of four. The first three are for rent but it's not much. $1 and you have an entire mowed field, water bowl and running water with a picnic table all to yourselves.

     Or you can choose park #4. This park is rather large and consists of forest that is fenced in. It's my favorite because the dogs can run under bushes, skirt around trees, kick up some dirt and just be dogs. This one also doesn't cost anything, just your $2 park entrance fee. It is public so other dogs may be in there too.

     On a side note when you have had your fun I suggest taking a drive around because you are likely to see some wildlife. Last time I went I saw two baby deer and a bobcat. Who knows what you'll see. So enjoy and happy playing! 

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  • Sue 5 years ago

    Great article. My dog and I love taking hikes and exploring new places. We'll be sure to visit.

  • Mary 5 years ago

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like some goods places to go!

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