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Atheists that tout free thinking use bully tactics to halt opposing views

The discussion at the college level regarding the mere possibility that evolution is an erroneous theory is being suppressed.
The discussion at the college level regarding the mere possibility that evolution is an erroneous theory is being suppressed.

Famous atheist Richard Dawkins remarked, “threatened with superior intelligence and logic”, those that oppose atheism shrink from discussion concerning the truthful aspects of being atheistic. Should one want to know the superiority of atheism or higher intelligence of those accepting atheism, all one needs to do is ask them and they will tell you how brilliant they are.

There is an equalizer that can be attributed to fictional Star Trek character Janeway on a newer version of the star ship Enterprise concerning logic as an ultimate end. Vulcan logic master Tuvok was put into his intellectual place when the captain remarked,

“You can use logic to justify anything. That’s its power and its flaw”.

One cannot make a better comment about the problem of using logic as a philosophical standard. Recently atheist Dawkins got himself into a problem by saying that it is,

“More humane for a woman to abort a fetus that has birth defects such as Down’s Syndrome” which put those seeking to improve treatment and acceptance of children with Down’s Syndrome into dismay. Dawkins statement also punctuated Janeway’s comment regarding the problem of using logic as a moral compass or to understand spirituality. It just does not work that way.

Lacking compassion can easily get one into trouble, particularly when one is dogmatic about using only rational thought that they themselves deem acceptable. You typically end up offending more people than protecting.

Case in point is the lawsuit filed by atheist Madeline O’Hare against NASA for “allowing” the broadcast of Scripture reading from Genesis on an Apollo 8 mission. Because O’Hare did not personally like it, she sued NASA which is a typical approach for atheists if they did not like something religious that was done. O’Hare’s frivolous lawsuit was dismissed, but the impact accomplished what O’Hare wanted…..NASA caved.

O’Hare’s lawsuit still had a chilling impact on NASA, and while the baseless lawsuit was being litigated, Astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin’s first celebratory Holy Communion on the moon was blocked from being televised by NASA which cheated millions from being enthralled by Aldrin’s gesture. Aldrin’s communion was still performed, but in secret so that nobody needed to know, a sad conclusion to what could have been an extraordinary moment.

The US government refused to acknowledge what took place at the time and even today remains a mostly unknown activity of Aldrin. This historical moment was missed because of one atheist. Aldrin celebrated this Christian sacrament inside the lunar module just hours before following Neil Armstrong onto the moon surface.

Tactics have not changed by atheists that have extended their influence to squash even the discussion of opposing perspectives if it clashes with their world view.

The Discovery Institute handed out a dubious “censor of the year” award to atheist Jerry Coyne of the University of Chicago and happens to be a biologist. Coyne did not like that fact that Physicist Eric Hedin was teaching an elective course at Ball State entitled “Boundaries of Science”, a course challenging Coyne’s sacred cow of evolution.

Coyne took it upon himself to recruit the Freedom From Religion Foundation to have the university remove the course from Ball State’s curriculum. When students and professors came to Professor Hedin’s defense, Coyne went after them too. Coyne went out his discipline to attack somebody else simply because he did not like what Hedin implied that evolution was questionable.

Coyne said, “that the study of intelligent design, which is a study of fine tuning the universe instead of random evolution is like saying the Holocaust did not happen”.

Coyne uses pure emotionalism and conjecture to attack Hedin’s scientifically documented work because evolution could be disproved, and that is unthinkable for a “logical” atheist.

The tactic of crushing even the discussion that evolution may, just may, not be a viable conclusion to the question of how life began is a method not uncommon for atheists to use. A California researcher was censored and fired from his college position for questioning the evolutionary timeline.

Claiming freethinking and actually allowing it is a contradiction atheists and evolutionists must be confronted. Irrationally suppressing even the possibility that the theory of evolution may be in error is not logical, but an emotional response.

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