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Atheists fight to remove Image of Jesus on Iowa fire truck after 17 years

When Americans think about firefighters their minds tend to focus on the herculean heroic efforts that they undergo on a regular basis to keep save lives while they risk theirs. While their profession is both noble and endearing, there are some in Cedar Rapids that are calling their use of a biblical image on their truck in bridging the alleged separation between church and state raised by area atheists.

Image of Jesus' shadow on  town fire truck  erupts in First Amendment battle
photo credit - KGAN-TV

Now the Cedar rapids, Iowa fire department and their leader Chief Mark English are being placed in the awkward position of defending an image of Jesus Christ that has been on the truck for nearly 17 years without any negative backlash, according to the Blaze.

In fact, the picture of Christ was on the truck when it was ordered back in 1997. While it was not especially requested that the photo be on the truck, the fire fighters and assuredly those who they have rescued over the years have felt a great degree of comfort from seeing the photo of Christ there.

In a move that has all too familiar by atheist-minded individuals in other cities across the nation, someone sent what the city’s Civil Rights Commission is calling a “friendly complaint” to them about the picture of Christ, reported the Blaze. Somehow the photo of a firefighter with the possible shadow of Jesus Christ standing behind the first responder is offensive.

The Biblical words “The Lord is my shepherd,” appear below the picture. The question that town officials are now wrestling over is whether or not taking away the biblical words which are found in Psalm 23:1 would be an infringement of First Amendment rights.

Don’t the firefighters have rights to feel comfort when they go into dangerous and risky life threatening situations? Chief English has acknowledged to KCRG-TV how it has helped his firefighters.

Now the ball is in the court of the city and the fire chief in trying to work out a plan that represents a compromise which accommodates the lone complaint and the majority of the towns’ people and firefighters that are not offended. Stay tuned.

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