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Atheist Professor Howard Storm Dies and Sees Jesus

Picture of Howard Storm, atheist turned Christian Minister after seeing Jesus.
Picture of Howard Storm, atheist turned Christian Minister after seeing Jesus.
The Rev. Howard Storm

He has written a book about his experiences, "My Descent Into Death," and has appeared on many radio and television shows, always talking about the unbelievable love he felt when he apparantly died, went to heaven and saw Jesus. His name is The Rev. Howard Storm and his story is amazing.

In his capacity as an art professor, Storm had taken a group of students on an art tour of Paris, France, in 1985, when he fell to the floor of his hotel room, screaming in agonizing pain...and terrified. His wife called a physician who examined him and stated that he had a perforated duodenum and needed emergency surgery.

He was taken by ambulance to a hospital where, after a fruitless wait for a surgeon, he "died." In this state he found himself standing and calling to his wife, who paid no attention to him. And then he felt and heard people calling to him to come with them. They were pleasant and he began to follow them, but within a short time they began to attack him by taunting him and picking at his skin and tearing off pieces.

While this was happening Howard was told by a voice to pray to God. He hadn't  prayed in years and could think of nothing but "God Bless America," and "Jesus Loves Me." This seemed to be enough to send the vile creatures away, but Howard was left in the dark alone. He somehow called out "Jesus, help me." A pinpoint of light came toward him and it was Jesus. Howard said that he suddenly realized that God loved him, God loved creation, and that God was Love.


Howard Storm felt unworthy of being in the presence of Jesus, but was told that he did belong there and and that he was loved. Storm stayed with Jesus and asked him many questions about the world, creation and the future, all of which were answered. And then he found himself in a hospital room in excruciating pain. He was alive, but emotionally and physically exhausted. In the months following, Storm regained his health and made his career  in art a thing of the past as he studied for the Christian ministry and was ordained a minister in the United Church of Christ, serving in Covington, Kentucky.