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Atheist Oleg Dei on “Eating S*** and Drinking Piss”

Atheist Oleg Dei on “Eating S*** and Drinking Piss”
Atheist Oleg Dei on “Eating S*** and Drinking Piss”
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Herein we continue, from part 1, considering an article titled, “Other Disgusting Quotes in the Bible!” written by Oleg Dei who heads an Atheist anti-Christian support group which masquerades as a group interested in science which calls itself the Science Club of Long Island. We have written about Oleg Dei and the Club before and you can find those articles here.

The next point reads:

“Eating S*** and Drinking Piss

‘But Rabshakeh said unto them, Hath my master sent me to thy master, and to thee, to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the men which sit on the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?’ (II Kings 18:27)

I wonder if this is taught in Sunday school? Any mention of eating feces and drinking urine in any secular writing would get considered obscene and sick by any righteous minded Christian. Then why should it not receive the same consideration if found in a bible?

Might we ask what artistic or social value this verse presents? Note the word ‘piss’ stands as one of the censored vulgar words of the public television industry. If Christians wish to censor such language from secular sources, then it behooves them to give themselves as an example and thus censor the obscene verses from their own Bible. (See also Isaiah 36:12) [Dei’s statement has been censored]

Oleg Dei seems to think that if it is in the Bible, the God or his prophets must have said it…or, something. Just in case anyone is wondering: no, this is not a commandment by YHVH to partake in the aforementioned bodily substances. Although Oleg Dei either does not know this (even though he should have read it in the text from which he quoted) or conveniently fails to mentions it, the fact is that Rabshakeh is not even a Jew but is a Gentile whom the king of Assyria had sent with a message to King Hezekiah.

In the quoted verse, Rabshekeh was mocking the Jews in reference to the inevitable results which will come about due to his actions against them; that they may end up in such dire straits that the only way to keep from starving to death would be to “eat their own dung, and drink their own piss” although, this may simply be a malicious taunt.

You see, as with just about any (if not all) Atheists, Dei does not care when Jews are oppressed and does not condemn Gentiles for doing so. Many Atheists condemn the Jews for the death of the Egyptian first born during the Exodus events. But, pray tell, has any Atheist at any time, in any place and in any way in any format condemned the Egyptians for enslaving the Jews?

Why would this text not be taught in Sunday school? Children are introduced to portions of scripture at a pace that their development rate but Oleg Dei does not seem to know that Sunday School is not just for children but there are adult Sunday Schools.

It is also inaccurate that “Any mention of” such actions would be considered obscene and sick by any righteous minded Christian. This is because the issue is something which Oleg Dei does not seem to understand; context. A text which references such actions for the sake of it, or some such thing, is one thing yet, a text which reports them or otherwise records the words of someone referencing them with regard to the greater context, is another. That is why it does not and should not receive the same consideration if found in a bible.

Oleg Dei presents us with a false dichotomy, a logical fallacy, when asking what 1) artistic or 2) social value this verse presents. The fact is that it is neither but, rather, the recording of the vile statements of a Gentile who was oppressing the Jews; it is called history.

In this case, Oleg Dei actually does provide a premise for his condemnation and it is the public television industry. Of course, that is a pretty sorry excuse for an ethos but Oleg Dei has nothing else but emotive personal preferences which are, themselves, propped atop other emotive personal preferences.

It just so happens that I find myself writing this circa 7:50 p.m. on May 1, 2014 AD with the TV on in the background and, pray tell, what did I just hear Chef Ramsey say? “Piss off!” to be exact so that even on this point Oleg Dei is wrong.

Thus, Oleg Dei makes fun but does not provide a premise for condemning YHVH or the Bible, besides, that is the supposed, arbitrary and tentative nature of the public television industry—champions of morality that they are.


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