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Atheist literature drop in Kentucky schools to match bible distribution

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While Kentucky is not Alabama or Mississippi, of course, it is still in the Bible Belt. It is one of those states where the majority of the population could be considered either fundamentalist or evangelical, or sympathetic to that position. It is also a state where there are numerous church/state violations.

For example, the Gideons, a religious group, leave bibles for distribution in public schools in the state. Seems to be that they think many people in Kentucky have never heard of Christianity, kind of like someone in Saudi Arabia never having heard of Islam.

But, atheists and freethinkers with the group, the Tri-State Freethinkers, are fighting back by giving atheist/humanist literature for distribution in Kentucky schools.

Of course this led to certain Christian parents taking their kids out of schools, because atheists are going to corrupt their kids away from Christianity, or whatever.

Of course the same parents are huge supporters of bible distribution to the children of the few atheist parents in Kentucky.

I hope one day that we as a nation based public policy on reason and the needs of human beings, not the supposed dictates of a god.

But that won't happen until we have a more secular and less superstitious population. So good job to the Tri-State Freethinkers, and good luck in the future.