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Atheism Linked to High IQ Once Again

Can you identify the atheist region?
Can you identify the atheist region?
Credit: Creative Commons


  • Fred 6 years ago

    I would only gripe that LA is NOT one of the smartest cities (in the industrialized world). Many indicators like k-12 performance, cultural preferences and economic trajectories all say otherwise. Los Angeles does have a very elite, albeit small intellectual circle. Plus, LA is not that secular when you factor in all the minorities that have strong religious traditions. Even the most liberal people I knew growing up there were still religious. Otherwise, yea I agree with you that this study only validates what many of us always suspected.

  • ana 6 years ago

    Oh please, you think one lame study proves anything?

  • David 6 years ago

    But then, if you look at any large city from NYC to San Francisco, they're all pretty poorly run with horrible k-12 public schools and pretty bad economic trajectories. No different from LA. So if you use those things as evidence that LA isn't a very smart city, then you'd have to say that about NYC and SF as well. And, well, I don't think that's the case that any of those cities are made up of stupid people.

    The only case that can be made is that maybe liberal cities are poorly governed.

  • Carrie Poppy 6 years ago

    Ana: Lucky for you, there are multiple studies that confirm this finding. But I'm sure you'd find them all "lame" since that's convenient for you.

  • Bob 6 years ago

    HAHAHAHAHA!! This one is almost as funny as the global warming hoax. Very funny, sell it to Jay or Dave. Lord knows they can use the jokes.

  • Eugene Hamburger 6 years ago

    HAHAHAHA!!! LA, the smartest city? If they're so smart, how come the city has a 220 million budget shortfall AND massively high taxes?

    This is just another liberal feel-good study which is ultimately meaningless.

    The study only shows that atheists/liberals have IQs on average 6-11 points higher - hardly a significant amount.

    My favorite part is how liberals have spent the last 25 years or so arguing that IQ tests have a strong cultural bias and are basically useless.

  • ColleenMichele 6 years ago

    It is apparent to me that ignorance is the more convenient option in responding to this article. Eugene used "which" instead of "that", which shows lack of knowledge in grammar...Bob thinks "global warming" is a hoax, I suggest he look outside and figure that one out for himself...and I am hoping that David will show us some proof that "liberal cities are poorly governed." Ow, my brain is hurting...must be all that atheism...

  • Andy 3 years ago

    How the study "lame"? Do you notice any flaws in the study's methodology?

    Oh, right, you don't like the study's results, so you assume that it must be wrong. And never realize you're just substantiating its point.

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