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ATF targets average citizens in new gun sting

Citizens are determined to retain their right to keep and bear arms.
Citizens are determined to retain their right to keep and bear arms.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

The Examiner has learned that the ATF -- the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives -- has begun to target average citizens in a new sting aimed at stemming the tide of the growing black market for guns and ammunition.

According to The Weapons Man blog,

Hot tip: if some scroungy guy offers to sell you guns out of his trunk, he’s probably one of “ATF’s Finest” — a criminal working with the agency to make new first-time felons. A Wisconsin man is now about to be a literal jailhouse lawyer because he didn’t listen to his own sense that there was “something funny” about the convicted drug dealer who was insisting he buy the guns.

In its now-infamous Fast and Furious scheme, the ATF used criminals to conduct its sting operation as a cover for its ultimate goal of funneling American firearms to Mexican drug cartels in order to bolster Obama's claim that most of the guns the cartels use in crime come from the United States.

That so called "botched sting operation" resulted in the murders of at least two U.S. law enforcement agents at or near the southern border, not to mention the thousands of Mexican citizens living near the border who lost their lives when they were placed at the mercy of some of the most brutal criminals in the world.

The ATF placed 2,500 guns into the hands of the cartels, supposedly to track and arrest drug kingpins, but not a single criminal was brought to justice.

But the ATF got its hand slapped publicly when news investigators Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea discovered the depth of the scheme and reported to the world the stories of ATF whistleblowers whose consciences led them to go public with what they knew about the scheme.

The ATF, however, appears to have learned its lesson. If you are going to conduct a scheme, don't target Mexican criminals who create mayhem in America but go after the easy targets -- average American citizens who have never committed crimes but who wish to retain the right to keep and bear arms in spite of the government leviathan that is telling them they cannot. This mindset only makes sense if you are one of the government oppressors who believe all citizens are criminals and can be arrested and/or targeted at any time for the multiple felonies they commit every day.

Weapons Man continues with the story:

A jury found a Wauwatosa lawyer guilty Friday of buying what he called “a hit man’s gun” with a “highly, highly, highly illegal” silencer during an undercover reverse sting in 2011.

Thomas Michael Barrett had been set up by a convicted drug dealer who was trying to earn a break on his sentencing in federal court. But despite his own testimony that he sensed something was funny about a meeting for the possible sale, Barrett paid the informant — a man he’d never met — $400 for two handguns and the silencer.

He was arrested moments later in the parking lot of Mayfair mall in Wauwatosa, where the whole transaction was recorded on surveillance video and audio.

Before this week’s trial, Barrett had mounted a vigorous, though unsuccessful, defense of the charge focused on a claim that the state’s law against silencers infringes on the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Thus, the ATF is now going after the average innocent citizen who simply wants to exercise the rights that are supposed to be protected in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.

And if the government infringes on those rights, they are willing to turn to the black market, or make their own firearms and ammunition. The rich American tradition of such civil disobedience and defiance is the guide. Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Washington, Henry, Paine, and a host of others spoke of such defiance often. And had they not been willing to disobey the government of King George III, this nation would have never been established.

The Founding Fathers, however, were prudent, clever, and highly adept at avoiding the reach of King George's henchmen in the British Empire.

Citizens today must take their cues from their example.

(Hat tip to Sipsey Street Irregulars).


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