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At under $20, Endevr's MyID medical bracelets are a no-brainer

The My ID is a medical bracelet that has three ways for peopel to see your emergency contacts and various aspects of your medical profile
The My ID is a medical bracelet that has three ways for peopel to see your emergency contacts and various aspects of your medical profile
Photo Courtesy of Endever

Whether you are a student head off to elementary, middle or high school, or maybe even college, Endevr has something you need.

Maybe you are an athlete that runs cross country, plays football or you might be that weekend warrior that enjoys taking bike rides or hikes. Again, this is something you need.

It's Endever's line of great looking medical bracelets and I was recently able to try the My ID Sport.

At under $20 (the amount your probably spend of coffee for the week) you get an attractive bracelet, the ability to create your own online medical profile, that you can update at anytime and one-year of premium service.

You don't have to use the premium service, which runs $9.95 per year for the bracelet to be effective. It contains three "points of contact" that can be used to get your medical history or emergency contacts.

First, the band has a QR code that can be easily scanned. There is a number for the 24/7 call center that could be used and lastly, there is a unique ID number and PIN that can be used when going to

Per Endevr, a company that was previously known as LifeStrength, here is what say have to say about the MyID bands:

Lightweight MyID™ band is world’s first smart identification bracelet containing vital medical information to assist first responders and medical professionals

- Made from silicone, this comfortable and lightweight bracelet quickly provides complete medical profile information to first responders
- Easily setup and update your medical profile via computer or smartphone
- 3 Points of access for first responders: Smartphone QR scan, 24/7 call center, or online lookup
- Free online ID Profile for life that is stored on an encrypted server
- 1 year free subscription to Premium Online Health Profile ($9.95/year after that)
- Complimentary MyID™ iPhone app, which easily merges and updates information via iPhone
- Fully adjustable fit & available in 9 different color combinations


“As someone who hates wearing a medical ID, I’m happy to have found a company that actually makes them look cool! Great job Endevr!”
-Bryron R.

“I received my ID bracelet in today’s mail. It is much nicer than I expected and fits perfectly. I logged on and created my profile. I travel a great deal in my work and am so pleased to have this info on my person at all times. I also REALLY appreciate that you gave me the option to let medical help know that I am an organ donor. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price!”
- Leslie

Feel free to check out for more details.

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